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How to Put Video Podcast on iPod with iTunes on Mac

Posted on: April 14, 2009

Do you still get confused that how to put video podcast on an iPod nano/iPod touch/iPod Classic? Is it free or need third part iPod software?

As we know, We can subscribe podcast on iTunes and enjoy every funny podcast at first time, it’s totally free, but how to put the funny video or audio podcast on iPod or free download podcast to iPod?
Following is the tutorial of how to put Video Podcast on iPod with iTunes. It’ll show you the easiest way to put video podcast on iPod, either you are Windows users or Mac users.

First of all – Install iTunes To install the latest version of iTunes.
Go to and download the newest installer.
Note: iTunes does not come pre-installed for Windows users. So you’ll need to install it if you haven’t done so already. But it’s not need for Mac users, iTunes is probably already installed, and you can check for updates to get the latest version of iTunes.

Second – Subscribe to the Podcast.
Open iTunes.
Once opened, you can see the “Podcasts” folder on the left side menu bar of iTunes.
Open the Podcast Page
In a browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) go to page where the podcast is published. If you are subscribing to an podcast, this should be linked off your course homepage.
Drag the PODCAST button from the podcast page into the Podcasts folder of iTunes.
In your iTunes Podcasts folder, you’ll see a small triangular list expansion button to the left of your podcast. Click on the list expansion button and you can see all the episodes of podcast you subscribe.
By default iTunes only downloads the latest post in podcast. You can click the GET ALL button If you want them all. It may take a few minutes for all the files to download.

Third – Connect and Sync iPod to iTunes
Connect iPod to your computer using the USB cable.
If you have sync your ipod to another iTunes lib, it’ll show messages of:
“The iPod “xxx iPod” is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPod and sync with this iTunes library? “
Your Answers is YES: Erase and Sync
This will associate your iPod with your iTunes on computer. All the music and videos that your have in your iTunes will be downloaded to your iPod, including Podcast video and audio.
You may also be prompted to update the software for your iPod:
“A new iPod version is available for the iPod “Name of iPod”. Would you like to download and install it now?”
Your Answers is YES: Download and Install

Fourthly – Disconnect your iPod from your Computer
Notice the warning on your iPod: “Do not disconnect”. Your iPod has to be properly ejected. Note: Do not unplug iPod without properly ejecting it. You need to do one of the following:
You should see your iPod listed in the Source menu on the left edge of iTunes. Click the standard eject icon to the right of where your iPod is listed.
Or if you download podcast from podcast website but not from iTunes with podcast downloader, you can convert podcast video to iPod touch/iPod nano/iPod classic with Video to iPod Converter for Mac.

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